Simon and Iris Cassier
Simon and Iris Cassier

Cambium GmbH Company Profile

Cambium is the name of a tree's 'main artery', the layer of tissue under the tree's bark responsible for its growth. It provides the tree with nutrients. As entrepreneurs who work with and in the forest and earn our living from it, we feel equally responsible for its well-being.
Our aim: Sustainable and tree-friendly construction. The benchmark for our company and our results.
Not just for ecological reasons. Economic sustainability is important to us. We believe that these two aspects belong together.

Our motto: Always as close to nature as possible, also in terms of design shape and materials used.

Climbing Forest Construction, Online-Shop, Tree Lodge - Cambium GmbH has three lines of business:

Climbing Forest Construction

Design, planning, maintenance and construction of climbing forests and rope courses. The customers tell us their ideas for guidance. We then design concepts based on these and realise them. We construct courses and climbing elements with the help of our extensive element catalogue. Our distinguishing feature: use of natural, untreated materials, nature-inspired designs and a well-balanced overall concept that is as close to the tree itself as possible.

Online Climbing Forest Shop

Thanks to our web-based shop for climbing forest and rope course related products, customers can easily and quickly order what they need. We sell everything we use ourselves, from textile fasteners to wooden construction components for climbing elements: tree-friendly and sustainable products.

Tree Lodge

An ErlebNest is the perfect journey's end to a tree climbing trip.
They are a place to sleep, to relax, offer space for that special experience beneath the forest skies. They are unique and inimitable, blend in with the tree and nature, become part of their environment. Our tree houses open hearts and minds to experiencing nature as it truly is, without the usual artificial distancing to the environment.