LoungeThe Lounge focuses on the tree:

life in the forest skies revolves around it.
Fully open, it is the perfect place for truly becoming one with nature. The forest itself is your host; visitors experience life among the tree-tops as authentically and realistically as possible. Flora and fauna are as close as they can be and elementary to this tree house concept.

The Lounge – as Close to the Tree as You Can Get

It represents an opportunity for visiting nature without disturbing it; at its purest, it leaves room for what is truly being experienced: those special moments high up in a tree. Said tree should of course be used sustainably and treated with care, which is why the Lounge is built using a particularly tree-friendly construction technique.
With nine square metres of floor space, the Lounge offers plenty of space for four people. The tarpaulin roof offers protection against wind and rain. A permanently attached ladder equipped with a safety net leads to an access hatch located in the Lounge's floor, making the ascend easy and uncomplicated.
This open tree house can be used in a range of different and diverse ways: furnished with hammocks and beanbags, it becomes an unusual, elevated place of rest and relaxation; with a built-in counter, it turns into a bar, or use it as a small tree-top patio for a dinner for two – let your imagination run wild, the sky's the limit. In combination with the Cocoon, it becomes a green living and bedroom suitable for overnight use.

The Lounge is extremely versatile. And all the while, the focus is still on the tree.

The Lounge is one element of our modular tree house concept and may be combined with all other products in the range. We always like to take your ideas and personal requirements into account when it comes to design and furnishings.
Just ask us! We shall be happy to advise you.