MuschelThe Muschel, literally 'sea shell', looks as if it were hovering completely weightlessly between the trees.

At 3.2 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, the Muschel has a total weight of 200 kg - it is an outdoor bedroom for purists and true nature lovers. A small, inconspicuous woodland home at the centre of what life in the forest is all about.

The Muschel – a Tree-Based Convertible

Open at the top, the Muschel affords unobstructed views of the forest skies at night, and the stars. This particularly close contact to nature remains unbroken by walls or other artificial barriers; the Muschel's occupants are completely surrounded by nature. Guests are nevertheless protected by a mosquito net which, with the aid of a fabric tarpaulin, converts to a leak-proof roof when it rains.
The Muschel's entrance is understated simplicity itself and easy to manage: a lockable hatch in the Muschel's floor, reached via a ladder.

The way the Muschel is fastened to the tree also reflects our company's overall ethos: designed to ensure that no damage is done to the tree, the tree house is suspended from two horizontal steel ropes attached to the tree with two loops and a backup steel rope. In this way, care is taken not to harm tree, and to use it sustainably.
The Muschel can be used as an unusual overnight accommodation venue or an element in a climbing forest course, or as a custom-made sleeping area in your own garden at home.

The Muschel – as small and inconspicuous as it may be, it becomes a private kingdom up in the forest skies.

The Muschel is one element of our modular tree house concept and may be combined with all other products in the range. Its purist construction may be adapted to suit your personal ideas and requirements.
We shall be happy to advise you.