The Cocoon is a room for special moments up among the tree-tops.

Freely suspended without any kind of pre-installed point of access from and to the ground, this unusual tree house is a space that offers a maximum of forest freedom. As a bedroom, this butterfly nest provides a homely shelter for anyone who wants to be as close as possible to nature on their quest for the feeling of security and intimacy nature tends to provide us with.

The Cocoon – the Tree House for Butterfly Dreams

With its larch wood cladding, smooth shape and natural colours, the Cocoon blends in perfectly with its environment. As it is so inconspicuous, it can be positioned where guests are guaranteed to encounter nature at its purest. Visitors will be enchanted by watching life in the forest go by through its open walls, particularly at night. At 3.2 metres long and 2.6 metres wide, it is generously proportioned and offers plenty of space for two people. The attached tarpaulin roof can be closed to offer snug protection against heavy wind or rain. The Cocoon can be accessed via our Lounge or another platform.

The Cocoon is suspended from two horizontal steel ropes that are attached to the tree with two loops and a backup steel rope. This tree-friendly mounting ensures that the tree is used sustainably and treated with care.

The Cocoon is also a great extra facility within a climbing forest or rope course for use in the evening or at night.
It is also suitable for use as unusual overnight accommodation or special function venue at a themed hotel or catering establishment; in fact, a growing number of customers demand this kind of facility.

The Cocoon is a sensation.

Welcomed by nature lovers and dreamers who like the sky to be their limit and are not afraid to try out something new even as they sleep.

The Cocoon is one element of our modular tree house concept and may be combined with all other products in the range. This tree house's design can easily be adapted to meet your individual ideas and requirements.
We shall be happy to advise you.