The ErlebNest

Dreaming in the trees - the pure nature

One of the natural shape and color customized living environment with as little technology, safety, comfort and nature provides, that was our goal in the development.
We are confident in our tree house concept ErlebNest these high claims to have successfully implemented - you can convince yourself of it.

The modular treehouse concept ErlebNest currently consists of Lounge with the sleeping modules Cocoon and the Muschel.

All three modules can be reached safely on the platform Lounge without a seat belt and helmet. The Lounge is an unusual location in the height off the everyday, the room for togetherness, for reading and dreaming invites. Exciting and relaxing at the same time.

Get up in trees

Without a seat belt and no helmet can be safely reached the Lounge. The climb up is via a ladder that is secured by a fall protection system. They go through an intermediate platform and a trap door flap on the already decorated Lounge for you.

Dine in the tree

The Lounge offers ample space for a candlelight dinner in the evening or for breakfast in the morning twilight. Depending on location, an entertainment in the Lounge. Please inform in advance at the appropriate location on this offer.